And We’re Back!

Well hey there, loyal listeners.

I hope your spring break was fantastic. Streaming is back up and we’ve got some really great events happening within the next week.

This Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm will be WKCO 80’s Day (round 2) featuring guest alum hosts. If you enjoy Back to the Future, neon colors, Michael Jackson, or leggings, I would suggest listening! We’ll be playing your requests all day.

The first WKCO Wednesday of 2012 will be next Wednesday, March 28th. Come to the VI from 10-2 for drinks, music, and a lovely time.

– Kelsey

Happy Spring

As you guys probably know, the transmitter was turned off last Friday and will remain off until we return in a couple of weeks.

Have a lovely spring break. We’ll have some great events happening soon after we return to Kenyon. March 28th will be the first WKCO Wednesday of 2012. Be sure to attend! Also coming up is WKCO 80’s day round 2 on Saturday March 24th. If you’d like to get involved with either event, send us an email at

See you in a couple of weeks.

– Kelsey