Welcome to WKCO 91.9 FM in Gambier, Ohio

Well hey there Kenyon. Welcome to WKCO’s new website! It includes a new design and new features, such as a blog and (get this) a correctly labeled schedule and contact information.

If you are interested in writing for our blog, please email us at wkco91.9@gmail.com

If you have any questions about the new website, let us know.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to WKCO 91.9 FM in Gambier, Ohio

  1. I came here because of Mr. Steve Neri, He was asked back to WKCO the Kenyon College radio station to do a guest DJ spot.
    The event will be streamed live over the internet and I invite you to tune in if you get a chance.
    I just wanted to hear the music and see what is going on the air waves from you!

  2. We (at WKCO) are really looking forward to the event, as well.

    For anyone else interested, WKCO will be hosting K80’s day this Saturday (3/24) from 6 am – 10 pm EST. Listen online by clicking the “Listen Here” link.

    – Kelsey

    • Psyched for the 80s event. Thanks for programming a little nostalgia for the old K80s peeps. Looking forward to it.

      (who still fondly remembers her days programming ‘questionable classics’ at KCO in 82 and 83 …) (and speaks of herself in the 3rd person …)

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