Join WKCO Exec Staff


Next year’s GMs (Alex Borkowski and I) want YOU to join WKCO exec staff. Since we are losing more than half of our staff (graduation. ugh.) we are in need of new members! Meetings occur 1-2 times a week and snacks are usually involved. Students of any year can join, although for seniors, it’s a little late for you.

Some of the perks of exec staff include (but are not limited to):
– looking legitimate by standing in front of everyone at DJ meetings
– better program times
– (USUALLY BUT STILL DEPENDENT ON SAO APPROVAL) moving back to Kenyon a week before everyone else
– extended knowledge of obscure and mostly irrelevant pop culture facts
– being one of the students who lead Kenyon’s largest student organization
– playing softball against Oberlin’s radio staff
– making pals

If any of these pique your interest, come to one of our exec staff meetings (Thursdays at 10:15 PM in the office [in the station {in the bowels of Farr}]) or email us at


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