“S. I. B.”, a Poem by Madeline Jobrack ’13

S. I. B.

Tonight is Sadindiebitches Night


So give me some of that Regina,


Someothat Imogen


I wanna feel like

the only reason I’m

feeling lonely is cuz:

“I’m sooo passionate about SOoo MUCH, you know?”


“I just don’t think there’s anyone out there who can truly understand that my soul comes first,

and firstmost,

on my list of things to love.”


“I am saving myself for someone who will spoon and sing with me before he messes with my ladybits.”


My sisters,

My poor. sad. indie. bitches.

Sing to me of your woes

Tell me of what love should be

With your

ukulele solos

and some pretty impressive three part harmonies


I’m expecting a revelation,


about womanhood and evidently,

the glockenspiel


I’m looking for honesty, girls

Cuz I know

That you know

How to dish it out

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