WKCO Presents: POP CULTURE BRUNCH – Sports (Or What Little We Know About Them)

This Sunday (March 31st) WKCO Presents: Pop Culture Brunch! Alex Borkowski, Hugh Wilikofsky and I (and the rest of our exec staff team) will discuss sports as they are represented in popular culture. We don’t know a lot about sports, but we’re going to try.

Some topics include:

Aaron Sorkin’s “Sports Night” – Why you should watch it (aside from the fact that it will save you about an hour next time you’re trolling Netflix for something to watch).

Underdog stories – Are they really the best? Do they characterize every sports film? Does anyone ever root for the overdog?

What ever happened to the Sandlot kids?

Tune in on Sunday at noon for the answers. Give us a call at 740-427-5411 and let us know what YOU think.



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