Check Out Our Booth Recording of SPORTS!


Last week our DJs Hugh Wilikofsky & Caroline Hesse had Kenyon’s own SPORTS play on their radio show, The Snack Review! This is the link to the recording of that fantastic session done down in the station. SPORTS consists of Carmen Perry ’15, Benji Dossetter ’15, James Karlin ’15, and Catherine Dwyer ’14 (currently abroad). Special thanks to Executive Staff member, Edek Sher, for recording it live.

Also check out Carmen’s solo project Addie Pray! Carmen A.K.A. Addie played during Frances Sutton’s radio show, The Weird-Brag Hotline (taken over that night by her other radio show, Adventure Pants which she co-hosts with Sarah Maniates), along with a bunch of other great Kenyon musicians! Acts included James Plunkett ’13 (who has a side project, Townships, with fellow DJ Emma Lo ’15 and Adam Reed ’15, as well as Willows, with Hannah Beckerman ’14), Mary Allen ’13, and The Laurels (Michelle Birsky ’13 and Lauren Amrhein ’13)!


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