DJ SPOTLIGHT: Maybe Under Sea Imaginary Canyons?


Maybe Under Sea Imaginary Canyons? Friday nights 6-8pm EST
Hosts Sandy (Beaches) Stibitz, from Kensington, MD and Lauren Elizabeth Faccinto from Larkspur, California tell us more about their Friday Night MUSIC SESSIONS! 

WKCO: Tell us what your show is all about 

Lauren: Maybe Under Sea Imaginary Canyons? is an acronym for MUSIC because thats what we came here to play! We are on from 6-8 every Friday night and  Our MUSIC is a little girly, a little soulful, a little grungy, and always friday friendly.

What about your origin story? 

L.F: Our origin story is that Sandy Beaches found herself lonely one night in the imaginary undersea canyon that is the WKCO booth and decided she needed to recruit a kindred spirit to light-up her friday night  MUSIC sessions–  I was that lucky recruit!

S.B.S: Sadly spot on with the origin story. I was indeed lonely. Yikes.

Favorite song to play on the radio? 

L.F: Calypso by Spiderbait as it speaks to my teenage soul and sends me back to those nights watching 10 Things I Hate About You and thinking man, i wish  Allison Janney was my counselor!

S.B.S:  Can You Get To That by Funkadelic, one of my top 3 favorite songs, and somehow 100% radio friendly.

What are some of your favorite WKCO studio stories? 

L.F: Best WKCO moment was walking into the studio with Sandy one afternoon to find a girl we had never met nor seen at Kenyon before in our DJ seat. She sat and kept us uncomfortable company for the entire show, telling strange stories and giving even stranger musical requests . She left at the end of the show never to be seen again, which has led Sandy and I to ask ourselves many times, “was she even real?”

S.B.S: Specifically, this musical request. She mentioned once choreographing a dance to it.

What was your middle school AOL screen name? 

L.F: I didn’t have and AOL screen name! I hear I missed out on a lot of pre-teen flirting. [ed: YAH YOU DID]

S.B.S: Ahahahaha I had so many. The one my parents made me when I was first allowed a screen name was Bodhi13, our dog’s name. The rest I refuse to reveal.

What is your favorite Peirce line to stand in? 
L.F: My favorite line to NOT stand in in pierce is the salad bar
S.B.S: Always interesting things to hear in the panini press line…

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