As the leaves are falling rapidly and we welcome in the bundling-up-season, Dan Rasch (’14) shares his playlist for feelin’ cold!  Listen in to Dan’s show, Songs are Just Interesting Things to Do with the Air (Tuesdays 3-5pm) to hear more! 
“So every Fall/Winter I seem to have this instinct to compile a playlist of songs that make me feel cold.  I realize this is a totally subjective category and you will probably get a lot of different feels from these songs that are not “cold” but I swear there’s a logic somewhere between my ear and my shiver reflex that fits all of these songs.  Sometimes it’s just a particularly frigid atmosphere or chilly synth texture that feels cold to me, sometimes there’s a lyric that hits on the actual theme of cold…but yeah, I dunno.  Judge for yourself!” -Dan Rasch 

1) Soft Alarm – Dntel

I would wake up to this on my iTunes alarm every day freshman year.  Hence the title, I guess.  This song just feels like a winter morning.

2) Adrift (Shigoto’s Adrift A Dream Mix) – Tycho

Also just seems very frigid and chill.
The whole atmosphere and vocal effect here are so stark and cold.  Even the lyrics are kind of frozen and alienating.

4) Parallel Lines – Junior Boys

Yeah, maybe it’s a synth thing.  Synths are really good at expressing “cold.”  Though again, the lyrics depict some very icy & frigid people.

5) Blacking Out The Friction – Death Cab for Cutie

Hey, here’s one without synths!  And yeah, that opening lyric is sort of an indirect reference to cold, but the electric piano and jarring guitar create a kind of winter-weathery sort of blusteriness that I think fits the theme.

6) Always Forever – Cults

I actually just downloaded this and was making this playlist when I thought, hey, this one’s pretty cold too! Love those synth textures.

7) Mouth Wooed Her – Animal Collective

There’s a couple on this album (Sung Tongs) that could go on this playlist, either lyrically or atmospherically, but this one struck me as particularly appropriate.

Here it’s something about the reverb and starkness of the arrangement that makes me feel cold.  Even though it’s about the sun coming out, there’s a chilliness there.
This one just makes me feel like I’m in some huge Ice Cathedral.  Again, something about reverb seems to emphasize the kinds of sounds that make me feel cold.

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