VINTAGE AIRWAVES: Early Johnny Cash on the Radio


Over here at WKCO we love what our DJ’s are doing on the air today, but we also love digging up radio gems of the past. Today we have for you two recordings that not only feature early Johnny Cash, but also great radio.

KWEM Radio, 1955: Live performances by 23-year-old Cash and the Tennessee Two (Luther Perkins on guitar and Marshall Grant on bass) of “Wide Open Road,” “Belshazzar,” “One More Ride,” & “Luther’s Boogie.” One of Cash’s first radio appearances, this radio recording also features Cash reading advertisements for the Home Equipment Company.

Country Style USA, 1958: Includes live performances of “Hey Porter” & “I Walk the Line” with the Tennessee Two again. Cash references Sun Records, the Sun Studio being where he recorded both songs in Memphis, Tennessee. Cash mentions that “I Walk the Line” is “one of the best selling records in the country these days” and it sure was: it was Cash’s first number one Billboard hit, it stayed up on the record charts for forty-three weeks, and sold over two million copies.

For more of Johnny Cash’s radio appearances, check out: “Bootleg, Volume 2: From Memphis to Hollywood”

Happy listening!

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