Free On Bandcamp: One Kevin’s Journey

Submitted by Intern Director and close, personal, friend, Kevin McKinney

Logic Songs by Little Kid

Logic Songs is slow and soft and heartbreaking and beautiful. Little Kid sings about God, faith, doubt, loss, and our attempts to figure everything out. The album includes several really cool field recordings that add to the tone of the album perfectly. (See the titular train behind Little Kid’s house in “The Train Behind My House”.) Also be sure to check out (because it’s free too) Little Kid’s River Of Blood, where he’s joined by a full band, playing some more-typical (but still really musically and lyrically good) indie folk.

My favorite tracks: “You Might Not Be Right”, “Let There Be Light”.

 Pizza And Regret by Ted Nguyent

Ted Nguyent just this month dropped a new album called Don’t Vote  that I cannot in good conscience recommend in this context because it costs five bucks. Still, it’s really good, so think about buying it or even stealing it.  Luckily for those with morals or without five bucks, Ted Nguyent released an album for free in 2011. They did then pretty much what they do now– play raucous, noisy, fun, half-catchy/half-abrasive, shoutalong punk.

My favorite tracks: “Various Books on Death and the Anthropology of Evil”, “Seabiscuit”.

Goodbye Vibrations by Bill Baird

Bill Baird has lots of releases, each with its own sound– on Goodbye Vibrations it’s Bill alone, fingerpicking his electric guitar. All the songs here, bittersweet, slow and quiet, are about a breakup. While the songs are all somewhat similar lyrically and musically, the album is perfectly paced to keep the listener engaged, and small details like the snyth part that sneaks into “Goodbye Dear Friend Of Mine” provide some more variety.

My favorite tracks: “Burn Burn Burn Burn”, “Goodbye Vibrations”.

to be close to you by Julia Brown

Julia Brown ran out of their allotted free downloads on Bandcamp, but they’re nice people, so they have a link at the bottom of their page where you can still get this album/EP free. It’s my favorite thing that came out last year. It’s 17 minutes long and free so you have very little excuse not to listen to it a bunch.

My favorite tracks: all of them.

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