Gold Neon – Nicholas Anania

This summer WKCO staff member Nick Anania posted some pretty sweet stuff on bandcamp. He has graciously written a little something below to read as you listen, which you probably should immediately. 

These songs were made last summer while I was working in Suriname for two months. I had just gotten Ableton because my friend Mikey was using it to make some nice sounds and I also wanted to do that. I didn’t really know anything about songwriting or how Ableton worked or electronic music in general, but I didn’t really have much else to do when I got home from work every day so I just spent a lot of time messing around. I seem to have a hard time even coming close to finishing musical ideas, so I decided to bind myself to releasing an EP by the end of the summer in order to force myself to finish four or five songs, good or bad. This was the result.

Looking back, I see a lot of sometimes glaring issues with the songs that I’d maybe like to go back and fix one day, but as it is I’m just happy that I finished them and that they’re reasonably decent (except track 3, which I actually really like and listen to a lot. Some might say that’s narcissistic, but… I wouldn’t.)

I’ve been working on more songs over the last few months and have about ten or so that could probably be fleshed out into fun things in the next few weeks. I’d like to get simultaneously dancier and spookier moving forward, and I would really really like to perform live at least once before the end of the semester.

-~*Shout outs to Dan Rasch, Edek Sher, and Mikey Bullister for being guiding lights on my electronic journey…*~-

Nick Anania

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