Soundcloud Hour: Edek Sher

Edek Sher13, recent Kenyon grad/WKCO mascot, has been pretty regularly updating his soundcloud this year with some great tracks. Give them a listen while you read his comments below!

I use SoundCloud as a diary/blog. Instead of being a collection of my thoughts on a particular day, it is a history of my moods.

When I am in a bad mood, and I happen to be working with a sample that I can’t get to sound the way I would like, my mood gets worse. The track then suffers, and I likely don’t post it. Other times I can be in a bad mood and a sample can really behave and sound dope and then my mood gets better. That is the feeling/situation I chase every time I sit down at my computer.

Most of the samples you hear are from and are in the public domain. I’ll either search a particular sound that I think might be cool to manipulate or I’ll just click the random sample button at the top of the page and alter the first few random sounds I get. But sometimes I do take samples from other peoples’ songs, but I alter the samples so much I can’t even remember where the samples come from a few days later. Like most electronic musicians, I also get really cheap, old, random music CDs from record stores – mostly Amoeba and Rasputin in San Francisco. I also have a lot of CDs I picked up on a month-long trip to India two years ago; it will be years before I exhaust that stuff.

An official release will be coming out sometime soon.

Edek Sher

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