Post Grad Radio: Frances Sutton

Weird Brag Hotline


Once upon a time, I went to Kenyon College…It was last year, so everyone except the newbies knows who I am. After all, I was famous. I was a Radio Queen…nay, Radio Empress…nope, Radio Goddess. On Friday afternoons, my best friend Sarah and I gave Kenyon the best pre-weekend soundtrack it could ask for. From 11 pm- 1 am on Tuesday nights, I graced the airwaves solo with my show, The Weird-Brag Hotline, where I’d play a weird array of music (Paul Simon followed by R. Kelly followed by The Kinks) and talk about weird-brags. What’s a weird-brag? It’s something you can brag about but it’s kinda weird or lame so usually you don’t. Except I always did and I encouraged others to do the same. These days, I’m living the post-grad dream of living in Seattle, WA, drinking coffee and wearing flannel. I miss the radio times a lot, so I started up this podcast where I resumed my weird-bragging and music nerding. The podcast has gotten pretty famous…amongst people who are boredly scrolling through their facebook feeds and find it. It’s a fun way to connect with some of my friends back in Gambier who miss my dulcet Tuesday night voice.

Frances Sutton ’13

To listen, click the link posted above the photo of Frances (post-fetus, pre-Kenyon) or, alternatively, posted below five times: 
Weird Brag Hotline
 Weird Brag Hotline Weird Brag Hotline Weird Brag Hotline Weird Brag Hotline

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