SPORTS – “Sunchokes”


Over the course of the spring, the band SPORTS (consisting of Carmen Perry ’15, Catherine Dwyer ’14, Benji Dossetter ’15 and James Karlin ’15) recorded their new album, Sunchokesat WKCO Records. It features some of their older stuff from their previous demo along with some new tracks.

If you’re not familiar with SPORTS, they are a punk band founded here at Kenyon, but this album is far from typical punk fare. Although they have some very aggressive fun tracks, like “I Liked You Best” and the new song “Clean Jeans,” they also display they’re more refined, slightly softer side with tracks like “Where Are You?” and the title track “Sunchokes.”

I personally helped them produce the album with my co-manager and head engineer, Alex Evans ’16, and mastering engineer TJ Lipple (MGMT, Of Montreal, Pomegranates) from Washington DC and I am super proud to say I helped on this record and would recommend it to everyone and anyone.

You can access the album above via bandcamp (pay what you want, but give a little extra and grab a limited edition cassette!) and be sure to check out their Facebook page here for updates from the band.

-Teddy Farkas ’16


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