Horn Gallery Spotlight: Neighbors

by Adelaide Sandvold ’18

Come Friday night, Kenyon College will be quaking with the upbeat, neo-punk rhythms of Neighbors, a Seattle-based band. Following the early summer release of their latest album, Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?, the performers will play what Lori Gava of xsnoize.com accurately describes as “bouncy alternative with dark lashing of angst and yearning below the surface.”

Lead singer José Díaz Rohena’s squeaky yet full-bodied tenor perfectly complements the band’s genre and driving and energetic melodies. The rest of the band includes Nathan Anderson, Evan Easthope, and Kenyon alumna and former WKCO general manager Claire Buss ’12. Their vocals, drums, and vivacious guitar riffs culminate beautifully to produce alternative rock albums heavily influenced by their 90’s ancestors.

Top 5 Songs to Check Out

1. “All United Grocery”

A choppy lead guitar paired with beautiful rhythm guitar techniques accompany Rohena’s flying bursts of falsetto to create an ideal early alt-rock song.


2. “Basket of Bees”

Beautifully shaped with joyful guitar melodies, this track is the perfect opener to the band’s first album.


3. “The Crown Prince of Sorrow (Part 2)”

Short and sweet with flavors of the New Pornographers, this song boasts rhythms and lyrics different from the band’s other work.


4. “Heather (Her Sister)”

With opening guitars that resemble Bruce Springsteen’s “Rosalita,” this track builds consistently before ending in a cascade of drums.


5. “I Really Miss You”

Sentimental, thoughtful, and slightly melancholic lyrics counteract lively strumming and cymbal-heavy drumming.


Come join the jam session this Friday, Oct. 3 at 8:30 p.m. in the Horn Gallery!

Neighbors’ music is available for download on neighbors.bandcamp.com.

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