Music on the Hill

by Carolyn Ten Eyck ’18

This week, I went around and asked a few random members of the Kenyon community for music recommendations.  Here are the results!

Karlin Wong ’18

Hard-Fi – Hard to Beat

“It came out a while ago. It’s [by] this indie rock band. I’m really into this song [and] I listen to it at the gym. It’s a good workout song.”


Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

“It just came out and I’m obsessed with it. So good!”


Maroon 5 – This Love

“Should I admit that I listen to this song? This is so embarrassing. I think this song came out when we were in elementary school.”

Daniel Cebul ’17

“I really like Kendrick Lamar. I hear he has a new album coming out soon. Arcade Fire’s pretty good. I don’t really have specific song [recommendations]. It’s more just like artists.”

Kenrick Lamar – Poetic Justice


Arcade Fire – Afterlife


Visiting Instructor of Music Chelsey Hamm

“Does it have to be popular music? No? Okay, good. Those are my two favorite songs at the moment.”

Charles Ives – Orchestral Set No. 2

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe


Thanks to everyone who participated, and check in next week for more recommendations!

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