DJ Spotlight: Abby Sagher ’15

by Molly Wyrsch ’17

Name: Abby Sagher ’15

Show: “Shuffle Like It’s Hot” on Mondays from 7 to 8 p.m.

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Major: Mathematics, with an Anthropology minor

Why math?

“I’ve always liked that math has an objective answer. So like, you’re either right or you’re wrong, and if you’re wrong there are steps that you can learn to be right.”

Why did you get involved with WKCO?

“I’m not musically talented … I’ve always tried to play musical instruments, but I just never got the hang of it. My brother got all the musical genes in the family, but I do have a very passionate engagement with music, and I feel like I’ve always been really interested… so I like the concept of radio and being able to let people listen to what you listen to, but also [being able to] talk about things and have themes. People who like music are generally pretty cool and I wanted to get involved with that.”

Does your show name have any significance?

“My show name is ‘Shuffle Like It’s Hot.’ I didn’t want to constrict what I could play, so by having it be ‘Shuffle Like It’s Hot,’ I can play any genre, because my music taste is all over the place, so rather than saying, ‘This day I’m going to play folk music,’ I get to pick songs based on a theme, from songs about water to songs about an important social topic. I can play a lot of different things. Sometimes I may seem scattered, but I think that makes it more interesting.”

What are your top five favorite bands?

“I would say Chet Faker, Flume, Dispatch, Odessa, Ellie Goulding. Or Alt-J.”

What music are you playing on your show right now?

“My theme is empowerment.”

Are there three to four songs you want to highlight from your show?

Beyonce Grown Woman

Tupac Keep Ya Head Up

Des’ree Ya Gotta Be

Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y.

Why is music important to you?

“It allows me to process things that happen in my life and allows me to express emotions that I don’t feel as effective [expressing] in words. It’s just so nice sometimes to tune the world out and just have something in your ears that’s all you need to think about. Also it’s just really fun, and there’s so much variety that I never get bored with it.”

What’s one fun fact about yourself?

“I can touch my nose with my tongue, but I think more people can do that now. But that was a really interesting fact about me when I was in elementary school.”

Anything else?

“I love WKCO.”

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