Playlist: An October Mood

by Adelaide Sandvold ’18

1. Tranquilize (feat. Lou Reed)  The Killers

It has been almost a year since Lou Reed’s death so it’s an especially good time to pay a tribute to the singer and his lesser known work. This haunting and flowing song blends Reed’s and Killers singer/songwriter Brandon Flowers’ musical styles beautifully and serves as a wonderful way to set a true October mood.

2. The Ghost Who Walks  Karen Elson

This story of a woman avenging her murder is ideal for late walks on October nights. The trilling piano will give you chills and contrasts Karen Elson’s warm and lilting alto voice.

3. Drive All Night  Bruce Springsteen

A cozy classic, this anthem of yearning serves as the perfect companion to cloudy October days when things are feeling a little lonely.

4. Tables and Chairs  Andrew Bird

This old favorite is a perfect soundtrack to the fall and provides inspiration during the darker times that can come at this time of year. The extraordinary melodies and exciting tempo changes represented in this track are some of Bird’s finest.

5. Sometimes You Need  Rufus Wainwright

In this peaceful song, Wainwright pairs his ever-present classical influences with modern guitar licks and conversational lyrics, ultimately creating a comforting autumnal atmosphere.

6. Never Work for Free  Tennis

As the lead single from Tennis’ most recent release, “Never Work for Free” is a departure from the group’s usual dreamy beach sound with 80s pop drums and sharp guitar. However the “oohs” and “ahhs” laced through the chorus reflect the original Tennis sound.

7. Crystal Blue Persuasion  Tommy James and the Shondells

This sixties rock archetype makes for a lovely accompaniment to all of the extraordinary fall colors. Tommy James treats his listeners with surprising key changes, gentle bongos, and blasting horns to build a lovely lazy afternoon tune.

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