DJ Spotlight: Sam Meyerson ’17 and Jonathan Pang ’17

by Inês Forjaz de Lacerda ’17

Names: Samuel Meyerson ’17 and Jonathan Pang ’17

Show: “Beats, Rhymes, and Life on the Hill” on Fridays from 10 to 11 p.m.

Hometowns: Toronto, Canada (Sam) and Lancaster, Ohio (Jonathan)

Majors: History with a concentration in African Diaspora Studies (Sam) and Biochemistry (Jonathan)

How did you two meet?

Jonathan: We met in the bathroom of Gund Hall last year. I was standing there in the urinal just doing my thing, and he was washing his hands. Then he was like “Hey man, you wanna come to lunch with us [our other Gund friends],” and I said sure.

Sam: We thought he was gonna be the innocent, quiet kid in the hall, but we turned out to be wrong. So, so wrong.

Where did the idea to start your own WKCO show come from?

Sam: Our friend George got one, and then we thought that would be cool so we interned with him.

Jonathan: We wanted to share our music taste with the Kenyon community.

You guys play mostly rap and hip-hop on your show. What are your favorite artists of that genre?

Jonathan: I’m listening to The Roots a lot right now. They have an album called Things Fall Apart that’s pretty cool. That’s about it.

Sam: I love A Tribe Called Quest, specifically the album The Low-end Theory. I’ve been into Mos Def lately, listening to the album Black on Both Sides. I’m into Soul Khan too.

Out of all the shows you’ve done so far (including last year) which of your themed playlists has been the most fun to put together and why?

Jonathan: I really liked our NXNE playlist. It was cool. We relived the best moments from our summer.

Sam: I liked the one when we explored hip-hop feuds. That was fun.

You guys met Brother Ali last year right before Sendoff 2k14. What was that like?

Sam: It was kind of anti-climactic. We shook his hand and didn’t really talk to him.

Jonathan: Yeah, I kind of chickened out. I didn’t shake his hand, [I] just kind of stood behind everybody else.

Sam: I met Soul Khan this summer, though. That was awesome. He said Kenyon had been his second choice [He went to Bard].

You guys are planning a dinner party. Of the artists you’ve featured on your show thus far this year, who would you invite and why? What do you hope would happen?

Jonathan: I’d invite Soul Khan, for Sam of course – he’s his idol.

Sam: He’s not my idol. Well, a little bit.

Jonathan: Also, Tupac and Biggie, in the hopes that we could reconcile things.

Sam: Yeah, like fix things between Ghost Biggie and Ghost Tupac.

Given the opportunity, would you [mess] with the Wu-Tang Clan?

Sam: Absolutely not.

Jonathan: The Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to [mess] with.

Sam: I might [mess] with Cappadonna if he was all by himself and had none of the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan to back him up. He’s the least significant member.

One last question: Who shot Tupac?

Sam: JFK. Obviously. All signs point to him.

Jonathan: I was going to say I shot Tupac, but that works too.

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