At the Movies: Obvious Child

by Meg Sklut ’18

Abortion is not often explored in romantic comedies, but Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child delves into the subject with elegance, wit, and lots and lots of crude jokes. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) sleeps with a stranger and becomes pregnant. The soundtrack, whose score features many lesser known blues and rock bands, perfectly represents Donna’s complicated and confusing journey to come to terms with her past and her present. Check out these highlights:

Honey – The London Souls

Anyone who has just gone through a breakup will identify with this song. Featuring an incredible bluesy guitar riff and a soulful beat, “Honey” is a great song to dance to.


Nevada (This Fool Can Die Now) – Scott Niblett

As Donna drinks glass after glass of wine and drunk dials her ex-boyfriend, “Nevada” highlights her pain and anguish.


The Obvious Child – Paul Simon

Instead of the classic, unrealistic sex scene featured in most rom-coms, the love scene in Obvious Child is a dance montage to Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child.” In the film, the track acts as a vehicle for the two main characters to fall in love. If anyone wants to dance and feel good, listen to this song.

So Obvious – LEGS

Obviously, there’s a theme of “obviousness” throughout the film. A great funk song with an 80s, retro, dance vibe, “So Obvious” helps navigate the dichotomy between the serious and light elements in the film.

An incredible film with eclectic music, Obvious Child is a lovely, romantic movie. Both the plot and the tracks deal with mature and important information in a wonderful, comedic way. If you want to laugh, dance, cry, and think a little more about abortion, go watch Obvious Child.

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