Playlist: Atlanta Musings

by Mihika Kohli ’17

Over Fall Break, I was lucky enough to go home to Atlanta, see my mom, eat my mom’s food, and experience one of the best city vibes. The following are songs that consistently come to mind when I think of my city. Some of them literally reference Atlanta, and others describe strong memories associated with being in the city. Enjoy!
1. Dream / Southern Hospitality / Partna Dem – Childish Gambino
As soon as I heard “I had a dream I ran Atlanta,” I was hooked. Hard. I replayed this track maybe 12 times before I could listen to the rest of the mixtape, stunned that someone could so accurately depict Atlanta through lyrics, music, and add-ons. Donald Glover brings countless images to life in this driving, sample-packed track about how his experiences living in Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta, have shaped his identity.

2. SpottieOttieDopaliscious – Outkast
This wouldn’t quite be an Atlanta playlist without some Outkast, a hip hop group that formed in the city in 1992. Released on Aquemini in 1997, this track has been getting a lot of love recently (see Beyonce’s “Flawless Remix” and Childish Gambino’s “Partna Dem”). This beat and hook will remain engrained in your brain long after these 7 minutes and 7 seconds are over.
3. American Kids – Kenny Chesney
Also essential to an Atlanta playlist is a little country music (I’m pretty sure I lose citizenship if I don’t endorse it). Inducing the urge to snap and keep the beat with your heel, this nostalgic, Kacey Musgraves-esque depiction of early American life shines through as one of Kenny’s best so far.
4. Money Baby – Childish Gambino
I’m back with another ‘Bino, who on this track uses a much more Southern approach to rap. This is probably my favorite song of his besides “Do Ya Like” from Culdesac.
5. Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub
There’s something about driving to this song at night amidst city lights and skyscrapers.
6. Work – Iggy Azalea
That’s right, Iggy Iggy dwelled in Atlanta for a while. Even though Miami gets most of this singer’s love, “Work” continues to serve as the preferred anthem for my high school’s unofficial twerk team.
7. You’re Not the One – Sky Ferreira
This track was one of the last songs I blasted while driving around Atlanta before returning to Kenyon. There’s something about belting out lyrics in a city that’s too loud to hear you that humbles you a little bit.
8. Cashin Out – Ca$h Out
If nothing else, this song serves as a reminder that all Atlantans love to get a little scrappy.

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