Playlist: Deb Ball Trax

By C. F. Collison ’15

A few weekends ago I DJed at Deb Ball. It was pretty fun! These are a few selections from what I played and what I think about those tracks.

Gesloten Cirkel – Vader

“Vader” is one of two tracks I played from the (presumably) Russian producer Gesloten Cirkel (I would post a link to the equally banging “Fairness”, but it seems as though he has taken it off Soundcloud immediately after posting it). His debut album Submit X, which came out earlier this year, is definitely worth checking out if you love this kind of gurgling electro and cast iron techno.

Tielsie – Palette

The PC Music cadre really enjoy playing with EDM semiotics, which they use to recontextualize UK dance genres like hardcore or garage and generate new steps in the American pop – K/J-pop dialectic. Tielsie crushes the appropriation game on “Palette” – a big room banger booted up on so much high fructose corn syrup it might have become an immanent critique. The gasp at 1:57!

Rustie – Velcro

Rustie’s second LP Green Language probably came out of left-field for a lot of fans – I certainly wasn’t expecting him to release what is ostensibly an M83 album after his explosive 2011 debut on Glass Swords. However, “Velcro” delivers on the promise of his 2012 BBC Essential Mix, which besides from being a epoch-defining mix featured a generous handful of unreleased Rustie material that soared and crunched just like “Velcro”. Green Hill Zone music for the trap generation.

DJ Rashad – CCP

I’m trying to write only about tracks that have come out this year, but I’m going to talk about CCP because DJ Rashad passed away earlier this year and because this tune gets it LIT. Rashad’s vision was fully articulated inside the entropic bursts he created in his sampling choices, which turned anything, really anything, into an absolute tune. So when he decided to flip this old garage track (thanks WhoSampled!) and bump it up to a whirring 160 BPM, of course it was going to be one of his classics. Sheer ecstasy – rest in peace, Rashad.

Cheif Keef – Fool Ya

Keef’s Bang 3 may never see the light of day, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll always have this YouTube rip of “Fool Ya”. Fans of Cozart’s work will attest that he is somehow getting even weirder, with no small help from his recent streak of self-produced tracks. However, this joint comes courtesy of DP Beats, with a particularly animated Sosa delivering unbelievable lines like “I don’t need nobody, girl, I got my body”. Not only is “Fool Ya” a great turn up, but it is grounds to believe that Keef is truly coming into his own as an artist. Okay, maybe Bang 3 is coming out. Beemer color soowoo ravioli.

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