DJ Spotlight: Sam Larson ’17

by Inês Forjaz de Lacerda ’17

Name: Samuel Joseph Larson ’17

Show: “Airspeed Velocity of a Swallow” on Sundays from 10 to 11 a.m.

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Majors: Music and Psychology

How did you and your co-host [Henry Quillian ’17] meet?

“I think part of it was when we bonded over a-Capella group auditions. I think we formally met in Chamber Singers at the beginning of last year. I don’t really know. At ‘Airspeed Velocity of a Swallow’ we don’t really look into the past. We look into the future.”

How did you come up with your show title?

“We spent a couple of weeks thinking of what it could be, throwing out a couple of
lines. I think we were quoting Monty Python.”

What kind of music do you guys usually play?

“People ask us that a lot and we never seem to have a straight answer because it
changes constantly within the show. Henry plays a lot of Chicago and The Beatles. I play
a lot of indie alternative, but we also play Russian techno pop, show tunes, and weird stuff
in general.”

Out of all the shows you’ve done so far, which has been the most fun to put

“There was one show leading up to Easter last year [that] was really great. My
grandmother called in and requested the Hallelujah chorus and not five minutes later
Henry’s grandmother called in and requested the H chorus. So I think our fanbase is what
makes it fun. My family in Sweden tunes in every week, actually, and they call in every
once in a while.”

You’re really involved in the music scene on campus: you’re in Chamber Singers,
you sing in Take Five, and you’ve just started Männerchor. Were you always this
involved in music?

“I wasn’t involved in music at all until my junior year of high school. I used to be in theater a lot, but I never sung. Then I got into my head that if I was in theater I should participate in musicals, so I joined choir and it all went from there.”

Speaking of Männerchor, how did the idea come up to start this all-male group?

“It’s been a wish of certain individuals for a long time. It was an idea before we got
here, even. Some guys tried to start it before but it didn’t really work. But last Spring,
Colla Voce asked Connor Dugan ‘15 to form a male group to open for their concert. We
enjoyed it so much that we decided it should be a thing. Two of the originals graduated
[Will Quam ’14 and Michael Harris ’14] and then four of us stayed. We held auditions
earlier this year and now it’s a full group!”

Out of all the songs you’ve sung so far at Kenyon, which one was your favorite?

“It’s a tie between two. Last Spring in Take Five we did a guys’ group song, which was
“I Wanna be Like You,” which was just a lot of fun. Also, last year in Chambers we did a
song called “Lux Aeterna,” which was composed by a Kenyon student while he was still
here (he did it for a music theory project) and that was super cool.”

If you could spend an hour with any musician (living or dead) who would it be and

“My favorite musician is Colin Meloy, the lead singer/songwriter for The
Decembrists, but I feel obligated to say somebody elegant … But you know what, no; I’m
going to go with Colin.”

Finally, what’s one fun fact about you?

“I firmly believe that everybody should have a dog. The world would be a much
better place.”

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