Playlist: Road Trippin’

by Maddie Farr ’18

I’m obsessed with the feelings of a road trip. I think there is something so freeing and also somehow lonely about driving for hours through the heart of nowhere, about never seeing a sidewalk, about empty gas stations and winding conversation. As the winter approaches we’ll burrow into Gambier, I’m sure, but for now this playlist can remind you what it’s like to be on the road.

1. Drivin’ on 9 – The Breeders

This is my favorite Breeders song, partly because it’s so different from everything else on Last Splash. I love the silence behind Kim Deal’s voice in the beginning — I feel like I should be holding my breath.

2. All I Want – Joni Mitchell

This Joni song just feels like a rambling road; with each dip and soar of her voice we turn another quiet corner. I like to think of Joni writing this song while actually “on a lonely road … traveling, traveling, traveling,” guitar out and wind in her hair in the backseat of some car, on some road.


3. Till’ The Road Runs Out – The Honeybuckets

The Honeybuckets is a sweet Cleveland-based band that you should totally check out. I have a lot of memories of driving through Ohio listening to this album, especially this song.


4. Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac

This is just a very solid Fleetwood Mac song. I truly believe that this playlist (read: any playlist) would be incomplete without a Fleetwood Mac song.


5. Coast to Coast – Waxahatchee

It has been almost a year since I was first introduced to Waxahatchee and I still play her on loop. Everything she does is golden, and “Coast to Coast” is no exception. This is ideal listening material if you are driving from one coast to another.


6. Dreams – The Cranberries

Never has there been a song more exciting than “Dreams.” It is the perfect musical translation of what it means to be beginning; it is both grand and small, like the world and our part in it, like the highway and a car. Also, trying to yodel like Dolores O’Riordan is a great way to pass the time on a road trip.


7. Montezuma – Fleet Foxes

This song is like a mountain. It’s very sprawling and yet specific and tragic, which are the feelings I associate with being on an open road.


8. When I’m With You – Best Coast

I adore Crazy For You by Best Coast, because I love albums that tell stories. This is a song about being alone in the middle of the vast world with one person, and about feeling isolated in a really wonderful way.

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