DJ Spotlight: Meera White ’18

by Carolyn Ten-Eyck ’18

Name: Meera White ’18

Show: “The Stranger the Better” on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Undecided

Where did the show title come from?

“Well Hozier just came out with a new album titled Hozier and it’s great. You can stream the whole thing on iTunes for free. I’ve listened to the whole album like 10 times, maybe, in three days. There’s this one song called ‘Someone New’ [and] it’s amazing. It had [a] cello in it and I admire cello. There’s this part at the end that gets more intense and he keeps repeating this line … ‘the stranger the better.’ In the song he’s talking about how he falls in love with people all the time, so when he says ‘stranger’ he means both people he doesn’t know but also weird and unique people. I thought that fit my show because, you know, new people listen to the songs but the songs are also pretty weird.”

How did you get involved with WKCO?

“Well I saw the signs about being a radio DJ and it sort of became a joke among my friends, like ‘Oh, Meera will be a DJ, she likes to talk a lot, she’s really annoying, let’s put her on the air!’ I sort of didn’t want to do it, but I had a friend who kept pushing me to go to the meeting [for becoming a DJ]. On the day of the meeting, she made me get dressed and walked me there. I really didn’t want to go [laughs]. But as things went on, I was like ‘This was a good decision.’ And it’s really thanks to my friends. If it weren’t for them, I’d never do stuff.”

You play a lot of alternative and indie music on your show. Have you always listened to those genres?

“I guess you could [say] my musical coming of age was in middle school. There’s this artist Mika who makes weird pop and I started listening to him. That was the first time I realized that I liked indie pop, [that] I liked alternative music. And then the Ting Tings came out with an album and I was like ‘Whoa, this is what I’m about.’ In high school, it [went] kind of downhill from there [with] Vampire Weekend [and] Ed Sheeran, and then it went back up because I wanted to find artists that everyone doesn’t know. I’ve been really invested in artists who started on YouTube and are making it big now.”

Do you have a favorite playlist so far? Any particular songs?

“The one I did this past Saturday was pretty great. Sometimes you make a playlist and then you get to the studio and not want to play any of the songs, but this Saturday was really good. I played some songs that are sort of staples of my music taste: some Two Door Cinema Club, Lorde, The Front Bottoms – I love them so much. Ben Howard released a new album so I played some of his stuff. I’ve been rediscovering Grizzly Bear, [and] I played one of their songs.”

Do your playlists have specific themes or structures?

“It’s just whatever I’m currently listening to. The way I make my playlists is I just think of artists randomly and write them down on sticky notes everywhere. Then on Friday I collect my sticky notes and make a playlist on iTunes. Really it’s a combination of whatever’s on my Facebook dash, honestly. Because Facebook is the best way to connect with artists, and whenever they post new songs or albums, it’s on my radar. I rely on that a lot to wake up to music I haven’t been listening to for a while. I also bookmark so many songs on YouTube, so sometimes I go through those. I also get suggestions from friends. My friend suggested a Fleet Foxes song, which is a band I don’t normally listen to, but I ended up playing it and liking it a lot.”

What is your favorite favor of doughnut?

“My favorite is Krispy Kreme apple-filled doughnuts. It’s like a holiday thing, so it has apple pieces and cinnamon flavor on the inside, and apple drizzle on the outside. It’s like limited edition. They stopped selling them in Atlanta a year ago. [It was the] worst day of my life when I found out. It’s so good!”

Note: White brought doughnuts to the interview and it was amazing.