Horn Spotlight: Alex G / All Dogs

by Jack Washburn ’16

Philly’s Alex G has been quietly uploading home-recorded gems onto Bandcamp since 2010, but only recently – with his brand new record, DSU – has he begun to receive the attention he deserves. His deeply unique sound occupies a space somewhere between the gentle abstraction of a dream and that ensuing sharp twinge of complete and sober lucidity. He records on his own but tours with a full band, lending these songs a satisfying punch.

All Dogs is a killer power pop / pop punk band out of our very own Columbus, Ohio. The members have a couple of EPs up on Bandcamp and some really great new stuff in the works. Musically, they hit that sweet spot between the crunchy, guitar-driven energy of Swearin’ and melodies that truly soar and ache in the vein of 90’s power pop bands like the Lemonheads.

Below are some of my favorite tracks from each artist, but you really can’t go wrong with either. I picked a few more from Alex G because he has a much larger body of work. These two bands make for a slightly odd pairing, to be sure, but I’m really happy they were able to come out for the same date. Be sure to stop by the show on Friday night! Kenyon’s own SPORTS is kickin’ things off.









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