DJ Spotlight: Bailey Luke ’17

by Mihika Kohli ’17

Name: Bailey Luke ’17

Show: “Morning Pretentions” on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Major: Art History and Russian Area Studies

It’s your second year having a radio show. What brought you back?

“I think it’s fun that they give you so much freedom at WKCO. I have some friends who have radio shows at other schools and they say it’s very restrictive so it’s nice that I can come in and play what I think people want to hear but also what I’ve been really into at the time. I like that it changes up things from what you hear on the radio. Plus when you listen to other people’s radio shows, you can see a lot about them reflected through the songs they play. Like, ‘Oh, this person likes this? That makes a lot of sense.'”

Do you have a particular theme for the show?

“Part of it is … what I’m feeling and what puts me in a good mood  but it’s also new stuff that isn’t necessarily easy to find that I find through my procrastination. It’s things that would be a little more difficult to find but [are] really interesting.”

Aside from your radio show, what else are you involved with on campus?

“I’m an SMA so I’m involved in that pretty heavily. I also am in two a capella groups so that takes up a lot of my time.”

Last year you were in Ransom Notes. What specifically made you want to join Owl Creeks?

“I really liked the vibe they have. I think they’re very talented people but they also have such good humility. They approach the music because they love it, you know? I also think there’s a lot to be said for an all girls group.”

If you’re making your ultimate playlist, give me six songs you can’t leave off.

“My music taste changes a lot but right now:

Sad 2 – Frankie Cosmos

These Days – Nico

Unlucky Skin – Shakey Graves

Turns Turns Turns – Majical Cloudz

17 – Youth Lagoon

Roll Together – The Antlers.”

Finally, what’s a fun fact about yourself?

“I think ice cream is the best food on the planet. It can be probably the best training food but also food for the soul. I don’t believe it’s unhealthy.”

Tune into “Morning Pretentions” on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for Bailey’s show! If you happen to miss it, her playlists from the show are available through her Spotify.

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