Music on the Hill

by Adelaide Sandvold ’18

Each week we ask people at Kenyon what they’re listening to at the moment. Check it out!

Henry Uhrik ’18

Right now I’m listening to “Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saëns and “A Night on Bald Mountain” [by Modest Mussorgsky]. They’re great Halloween songs. “Danse Macabre,” I believe, is based off a poem about a day in the year when the skeletons and zombies rise from the dead and they dance and then they go back to sleep. The other one is just a great classical piece.

These past few days I’ve been listening to a lot of Turtle Island String Quartet; particularly “Julie-O.” It’s a cello piece and it’s just really fun and poppin’!


Ellie Manos ’18

I found “The Way Things Go” by Mikal Cronin on the Ty Segall Pandora station, so it’s kind of in the surf rock family and it has this raw, gritty sound. I like it a lot.

“Baby Blue” by King Krule is very slow and mellow and weirdly jazzy. [It’s] a great song to kick back to.

“Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” by Wet is really sad. It’s just a female vocalist with ambient noises in the background—it’s not very instrumental or anything—but it’s just a very melancholy song. It just has really good vibes.

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