DJ Spotlight: Natalie Reneau ’15

By C. F. Collison

Name: Natalie Reneau
Show Title: Hell’s Baguette, Mondays 8-10PM
Hometown: Great Falls, VA
Major: English Major, Latin@ Studies Concentrator, Studio Art Minor

CC: First off, what are the titular “Hell’s Baguettes”?

NR: First off, it’s “Hell’s Baguette”. Last semester, when I DJed with Emma Specter ’15 and Rebecca Saltzman ’15, it was “Hell’s Baguettes” – plural. Now that it’s just me, I’ve switched it back to the singular. I’ve never told anyone what Hell’s Baguette means, but I’ll tell you this – it’s something between a moniker and a mantra

Was the split with Saltzman and Specter amicable?

We’re all feeling pretty neutral about it, but at an earlier point, no, it was was not amicable.

In all seriousness, Rebecca and Emma have seminar on our traditional Monday slot. I’ve had a fun time going solo this semester.

(Ed: Asked for a comment later, Specter said: “I forgot that this is a real show now and not Emma’s trash time”.)

You pick a new theme for your show every week. How do you determine your track listing?

I was a little better at making themes earlier on in the semester, but what I’ve been doing is structuring my themes (both musically and artistically) off of impressions of a figure and a color. So one of my first shows was based on Virginia Woolf and the color light blue. And another of my shows was Medusa-themed – I really just played songs about snakes, but I like Medusa because she’s one of the most misunderstood woman in Greek mythology.

How is that?

The myth of Perseus and Medusa tells us that Perseus, the valiant hero, uses the mirrored shield of Athena to slay the great evil that was Medusa. However, that’s not the full story. Medusa was actually a handmaiden of Athena, who was faithfully worshipping in Athena’s temple one day when Poseidon unexpectedly comes in and sexually assaults her. Athena is so upset that her temple has been defiled that she ends up blaming Medusa for the crime she suffered. Athena banishes Medusa to an island and turns her into a gorgon, forced to lead a life where men constantly come and try to murder her because her head can be used as a destructive weapon (her stare turns people to stone).

Wow, I didn’t know that!

The cool thing that happens when Medusa dies, however, is that Pegasus springs out of her neck when she is beheaded. All the really terrible stuff aside, that’s so sick.

I love your art that you put up for each of your shows with the musicians that you’re playing. I noticed that you also only post the artists, not the track listing.

I like doing that because it gives listeners a rough impression of what I’m playing on the show. I also make sure to post it before the show begins as a way to catch peoples interests in the hopes that they’ll tune in.

10509761_10152950766912289_6479463036393116193_n 1512607_10152912055862289_4545200849277070926_n

You usually play a healthy mix of classic and contemporary artists. What informs your taste and what do you look for in new musicians? I notice you play a lot of 4AD.

Honestly, I don’t like talking that much about music – but I really like listening to it! I think my taste was built off of a lot of the music I started to listen to at the end of high school. I’m not compelled to have an encyclopedic knowledge about music – I like to keep my music close in a sense that I look for new music that builds off of the sounds and styles that I particularly enjoy.

Who do you think is being slept on right now?

Tinashe. She’s starting to get hype, she’s on the radio, but she needs it immediately – she’s so good. Love her. Have you listened to Pretend?

No, but I love “2 On”.

Listen to it!!

You’re a senior now – what’s your favorite music-related memory from your time at Kenyon? It’s okay if it wasn’t at the radio.

It’s actually from the radio! My freshman year at Brett Miller ’15’s radio show – she was assigned to do an 80’s themed program that a bunch of Kenyon alums were going to tune into. I had so much fun playing tunes with Brett and my other friends Emma, Simon, Anna, and Kat. We also broke a WKCO record of listeners – I think we had over 50 people tuning in!


That’s so tight. Last but not least, a fun fact about yourself.

Oh… Now that I’m thinking about freshman year, my fun fact back then during orientation was that one time I touched Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronaut and the second man to set foot on the moon. I thought it was hilarious and “quirky”, but I told everyone that it made me one step closer to the moon. Looking back on it, I cringe.

Tune into “Hell’s Baguette” on Mondays from 8 PM to 10 PM for Natalie’s show!

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