Music On The Hill: Week of November 3rd, 2014

by C. F. Collison ’15

These are some of the songs that your peers at Kenyon are enjoying at the moment!

Pauly Daniel ’16

I’ve really been enjoying “Siren Song” off of Flying Lotus’s new album You’re Dead! I think that “Siren Song” is specifically symbolic of his new record: jazzy, futuristic, and full of crazy samples.

I’ve also been enjoying “Hilarity Duff” by Kaytranada. The production is tight, it’s super dancey – overall, it’s an unbelievably fun track.

Sarah White ’16

I’ve been enjoying all of Caribou’s new album Our Love – if I had to pick one track, it’d be “Silver”. I like it because it’s good study music, but also good not study music. I also like it because it sounds like if a computer had a heart.

I’ve also been listening to Jai Paul’s single “Jasmine”. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie… but in a cool way. Honestly, Spotify is the best thing to ever happen to me!

Jenny Ruymann ’15

I’ve been listening to a lot of musical theater from my middle school days (in parenthesis, Idina Menzel). Track names omitted due to my shame.

I’ve definitely been watching Wet’s “Weak” live video on repeat as well.

“To Zion” by Lauryn Hill, another song I’ve been listening to, isn’t about Zionism but rather her son, who happens to be named Zion. No political controversy there.

Harrison Montgomery ’16

The entirety of the new Pharmakon album is fantastic, I can’t pick just one track from it. What stands out to me most on the record is the rhythmic diversity and the complex voice sonorities from track to track. There are parts that make me sick, that make me want to throw up… and that’s awesome.

I’ve also been digging Anaal Nathrak’s “The Joystream”. It’s tech death metal with lots of electronic textures – so basically, it’s really good shit. Loaded with blast beats, and lots of weird time signatures. CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA!!

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