Playlist: Carmen’s Sad Girl Playlist

By Carmen Perry

Did your dog die? Your cat? Do you have the flu? How about laryngitis? An ear infection? Are you woefully unprepared to write your comps? In danger of failing your science class? Feeling like a loser? This is for you!

1. BarnaclesUgly Casanova 


2. Gold DustDuster


3. Tallymarks – Thao


4. Milo – King Everything


5. Sadie – Joanna Newsom


6. spud – WHATEVER, DAD


7. Laments of a Mattress – Hop Along, Queen Ansleis


8. What’ll We Do – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin


9. Sad 2 – Frankie Cosmos


10. Young – Florist


11. You – Allison Crutchfield


12. shere – cry about it 

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