DJ Spotlight: Derek Foret ’17, Vincent Femia ’17, and Nick McGuire ’17

by Nick McGuire ’17

Names: Derek Foret ’17, Vincent Femia ’17, Nick McGuire ’17

Show: “Jazzam!” on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Hometowns: Gurnee, IL (Nick), Washington, D.C. (Vincent & Derek)

Majors: Vincent, undeclared; Derek, Mathematics; Nick, undeclared

Derek, Vincent, myself: Why did we come back and do a radio show again this semester?

Derek: “I really think it’s a calling. It’s not something you can give up. It’s not an
extracurricular. It’s a lifestyle. It’s just part of who I am.”
Vince: “It’s a duty to our listeners. To our parents!”

Last year we had “Jazz + Yeezus = Jeezus.” Why did we move from Kanye to
experimental rock and jazz?

Vince: “We wanted to expand a bit and the fact we did not want to limit ourselves to one artist. Because if we kept to the Kanye West vibe, we would just be playing more Kanye West songs. But I think we also wanted to change and going to another genre was a cool move.”

But also keeping jazz in there as well.

Derek: “Well we must have jazz, that is what we are based in.”
Vince: “And a lot of cool rock mimics jazz in certain ways.”

Why the title “Jazzam!”?

Derek: “I mean it’s really about the exclamation points.”

But on Facebook we can’t have an exclamation point in the title for our page.

Derek: “Mark Zuckerberg keeping us down. I think he is scared of our influence and our power on social networks.”
Vince: “He’s scared of our fans and our radio waves.”

Social networks are becoming more important than radio and he is worried we will take the power back?

Vince: “Exactly. We gotta stick it to the man.”

Vince, you are in a band and play music. Derek, you are involved in theater. How do you think that influences our radio show/on-air personalities?

Vince: “Being in the band and constantly hearing new stuff, sometimes I hear music found by bandmates and say, ‘Well this is great. I should play it on the radio show.’ So I play it.”
Derek: “I see Vince as the play-by-play guy and I am the color commentator. So he’s the one who actually knows things. But I can bring in the entertainment side of theater to keep the listeners listening. You [Nick] are the best of both worlds. I mean, you are the big name.”
Vince: “You are our marketing ploy.”
Derek: “You bring in all the fan girls.”

All right. Five artists that describe our show and one song for each. Go.

“Movin’” – Gregory Porter

“Two Bass Hit” – Miles Davis

“Stoned Alone” – LVL UP

“Pets” – Pile

“A New Beginning” – Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle

Any fun facts?

Derek: “I have a world record from 2013 for being a part of the largest Secret Santa in the world. It was eclipsed the next year, but I still have the plaque.”
Vince: “I have composed a space opera that was performed at my high school.”

Tune into “Jazzam!” on Wednesdays 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. to hear jazz!

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