DJ Spotlight: Coral Lee ’17

by Mihika Kohli ’17

Name: Coral Lee ’17

Show: “It’s A Trap” on Sundays from 9 to 10 p.m.

Hometown: Newport Coast, California

Major: English with a History minor

What interests you about trap music, and what can listeners find in your show?

“They can find a mix of things but I’m usually pulled to play trap because I personally think it’s really good study music and it’s not what people usually think of for electronic music. Most people think of Avicii or Deadmau5 but I think there’s a lot of cool things that go along with trap. And there are other genres I look at like future beats and chill dubstep.”

You went to some festivals this summer, right?

“I went to Electric Daisy Carnival and Hard Summer, which are in L.A. Prior to going to them, I kind of knew some electronic music. I wasn’t super into it, but seeing [the music] live and just being with other people that enjoyed that music so much just made me appreciate it so much more. I know there’s the stereotype of rave culture but I think it’s really more than drugs or enjoying that high you feel, you know? It’s mostly that sense of community that you don’t feel elsewhere.”

Apart from having a radio show, what else are you involved with on campus?

“I teach yoga at my NCA. I don’t know if this counts but I teach yoga in Mt. Vernon, and I take piano lessons.”

I know yoga’s a big part of what you do, but what about it made you want to get even more involved?

“Well, I had done some yoga in high school but I kind of saw it as a workout. But, going back to last summer, I realized I really did care about it so I did a teacher training program and, as cheesy as it sounds, I really like to share that with other people.”

From my perspective, it seems kind of ironic to be into trap music and yoga. How would you explain that?

“I actually think they go hand in hand! There’s a festival called Tomorroworld and they have yoga sets so DJs will play their sets and you can do yoga to them. I think yoga is less about relaxation or easy stretching as people think. I think it’s a lot more intensive and demanding of the body so I think the music perfectly pumps you up for that.”

When you put on your show, what do you hope listeners get from it?

“I think anyone who has a radio show can agree that they want a person to willingly sit down for an hour and just listen to the entire thing whether it’s [playing] in the background or whatever … It’s the common experience of us sharing the music for an hour and that’s one of the more beautiful things about having a radio show.”

Do you have a fun fact about yourself?

“I did a culinary program in high school. Because of that, my dream is to have a bakery or a food truck!”

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