Playlist: Melancholic Melodies

by Tess Dugan-Knight ’18

Maybe its the lack of sleep, the pressing hangover, weight of last night’s bad decisions, the end of a great weekend, or having to start preparing for the paper due Monday and the test on Tuesday but I find Sundays miserable. All I want to do on Sunday is curl up in my bed and listen to artists that understand my despair. And so it is on Sundays that I put together long and intricate playlists in an attempt to quench my despair and put off writing that paper for at least another few minutes.

Disclaimer: These songs will not improve you mood but simply let you wallow more effectively.

“Casimir Pulaski Day” – Sufjan Stevens

This is not a light song. I ask you to listen closely to the lyrics (yes its acceptable to put away textbooks for another five minutes and 54 seconds) and give yourself over to the beautiful simplicity that makes this song so terribly sad.

“Idioteque” – Radiohead

In this song Thom Yorke seems to be singing about a nuclear holocaust as well as the destruction brought on by the age of technology so it’s really no surprise it further convinces me to stay nestled in the fortification of my covers. I also recommend “Creep” (Pablo Honey), “Fake Plastic Trees” (The Bends), “Nude” (In Rainbows), “Codex” (The King of Limbs) and so many other Radiohead songs and induce similar moods.

“Slipped” – The National

Before I started making playlists for Sundays I’d just listen to The National on repeat. They are the inspiration for this playlist and still make up the backbone of every one.

“No. 1 Party Anthem” – The Arctic Monkeys

You have to be careful when allowing your depressed side to take over so you don’t slip into the type of coma where you skip meals and just eat the leftover Halloween candy that’s hiding in the back of your closet. As a precaution I’ve decided to throw in a slightly less dismal tune.

“Putting the Dog to Sleep” – The Antlers

This album (Burst Apart) has a number of songs that could make this playlist but this is my personal favorite. It’s weird and I’m not convinced I get the message but it definitely isn’t upbeat and that’s the point.

“Forget It” – Rodriguez

Rodriguez has one of the most interesting stories of any musician. He was completely unknown in the States but on some fluke his album blew up in South Africa and became influential in the anti-apartheid movement. Everyone had his single “I Wonder” and he was arguable more famous than Elvis but was completely unaware. I recommend everyone to watch Searching for Sugar Man, the documentary that tells his incredible story.