They Want My Soul – Spoon

by Tess Dugan-Knight ’18

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.44.55 PMAfter eight studio albums, five non-album singles and six collaborations, a band might be running out of new things to create or be hesitant to leave an established niche. This, while true for many bands, is not the case for Spoon. The group’s most recent album, They Want my Soul, was released August 4th of this year and goes all sorts of new places.

This album is proof that Spoon has managed to avoid peaking early. Unlike The Strokes, who are unlikely to create another album with the impact of This Is It, Spoon has followed a slower, more steady build up to excellence. The nostalgic feel to They Want My Soul draws on Spoon’s 20 years in the rock industry. “Do You,” for example, is reminiscent of the band’s earlier years. Additionally, through piano and Britt Daniel’s distinctively expressive vocals, Spoon makes “I Just Don’t Understand,” first covered by the Beatles, its own.

“Inside Out” is one the more electronic, less traditional songs on this album. The generous use of the synth and the exchange of a couple of guitars for keyboards creates a whimsical, beautiful sound. When paired with a strange music video, this song creates a rather trippy experience.

The final song in the album, “New York Kiss,” is arguably the catchiest song on the album and in all of Spoon’s repertoire. This love song is more vulnerable and romantic than Spoon’s past hits, but the band pulls it off without sounding remotely soppy. The song’s use of synthesizers, marimbas and keyboards establish a magical, emotional end to the album.


Jim Eno’s drumming and Britt Daniel’s rough, expressive voice make They Want My Soul stand out even more. Eno is not a showy drummer and there are no intense drumming solos but the execution on every single song is remarkable.

They Want My Soul is proof that Spoon has managed to hold on to its integrity and create another beautiful album that could only come from years of experience and a well-established confidence in music that allows members to experiment and explore.

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