Playlist: First Snow

by Carolyn Ten-Eyck ’18

In case you haven’t looked out of a window in the past twelve hours, it snowed last night. And this morning. And this afternoon. Basically there is just a lot of frozen white stuff everywhere. I for one felt conflicted about the snow. Sure, it’s pretty, but it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet! My confusion led me to concoct this playlist: a mishmash of songs about the weather (but not the holidays) and November malaise. Enjoy!

1. November Blue – The Avett Brothers


This song pulls at the ol’ heartstrings and is about November. See? November’s still important. December can just wait its sweet time.

2. Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon and Garfunkel

…That being said, it is pretty wintery out there. “Hazy” is definitely the right word to define my perception of the seasons at this point.

3. Doughnut for a Snowman – Guided by Voices

Maybe you’re not ready to hang up holiday lights (I know I’m not) but who doesn’t like snowmen? Or doughnuts? Sounds like an ideal situation to me. Okay, that isn’t all the song is about, but listen to it anyway.

4. Valley Winter Song – Fountains of Wayne

This song may take place in “late December” but I still count it as an early winter song because of the lack of holidays mentioned. Also, it’s just pretty. Like the snow outside.

5. Slippin – Waka Flocka Flame

Because let’s be real. All we’ll be doing for the next four months or so will be slipping. We might as well have an appropriate soundtrack.