DJ Profiles: Oubadah Alwan ’18 and Yara Al-nouri ’18

Names: Oubadah Alwan ’18 and Yara Al-nouri ’18

Show: Tea Time with Hummus and Tabouli on Thursdays from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Oubadah: Claremont, Calif. (a city of trees and Ph.D.’s)

Yara: Metro Detroit Area (The guy who walked down the highway in only a cowboy hat was right where I live.)


Yara: Undecided

Oubadah: Sociology and International Studies double major with an Arabic minor (or at least that’s the plan)

Can you explain your show’s name for me?

Oubadah: Yara’s nickname was hummus in high school. We’re both Syrian and those are Syrian foods. And hum and tub is catchy.

On your show last time, you played only songs that were not in English. Is that something that you’re interested in continuing or were you just experimenting?

Yara: Honestly, we would be down to play music from other cultures but we aren’t going to actively make it a thing or do another entire show of it. We enjoy music and love hearing other cultures’ music so it would be nice to play a few international songs.

Can you describe the vibe and theme of your show?

Yara: It’s gonna vary every week depending on what we’re listening to in our own time.

Oubadah: We want to introduce new sounds and culture and whatever we enjoy.

Yara: We just wanna show that we are young, hip, and have friends.

What inspired you to start a radio show?

Yara: Oubadah and I are just like really bored with our lives so, like, why not make a radio show.

Oubadah: We wanted to express what tea time with hummus and tabouli means.

Both: We wanted an hour devoted to us because we’re narcissists.

What artists are timeless to you? Ones that you’ll keep going back to again and again?

Oubadah: Vampire Weekend, The Shins, and Radiohead.

Yara: I’ve seen The Shins live twice.

Oubadah: What the f**k!

Yara: That’s a hard question. The Antlers, Van Morison, Jeff Buckley. I really listen to everything. Oh, and Chvrches.

Can you think of a song that represents you or that you especially connect with?

Oubadah: Yes! “Sleeping Lessons” by the Shins. In my opinion it has the most genius lyrics I’ve ever heard. The tune lulls you to sleep then turns into this raw and empowering song.

Yara: Right now the only thing that comes to mind is the original Arthur theme song. Like from the cartoon about the aardvark. I just feel like that song stands for everything I strive for. I also still watch Arthur from time to time.

Do you have a fun fact about yourself?

Yara: I once fed a baby bear Fruit Loops. It was the first time I felt love in my life and really wanted to care for another being. There are photos of it on my Facebook if you don’t believe me.

Oubadah: That’s freaking awesome! Give me a second to one up that … I can twist my hand 360 degrees.

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