Playlist: A February Mood

by Adelaide Sandvold ’18

“Going Out” — Dinner

A trippy reincarnation of 80’s techno glam-pop, this song confidently coasts along with whispers, echoes, and beautiful melodies.

“Heartbreaker” — Alabama Shakes

Maybe it’s just because Valentine’s Day makes February a very love-conscious month, but this song—soulful, heartwrenching, and glorious—is the perfect soundtrack for this time of year.

“Con te Partiro” — Vampire Weekend

A newly beloved cover of a long beloved classic, Vampire Weekend bring a gentle reggae feel to this operatic tune. The added strings and angelic background vocals only make the song soar even higher.

 “haunt me (x 3)” — teen suicide

This song is an ode to the acceptance of melancholy. It is somber with a touch of yearning, but its upbeat drums make it irresistible.

“School Spirit” — Kanye West

As many Kenyon students are currently participating in the whirlwind of Greek life, this track is fitting. It also provides some good sass that serves to at least somewhat dissolve the monotonous tone of winter. “Ooh hecky naw” still remains one of the most relevant phrases out there.

“Little Fang” — Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

With sweet lyrics and unique sound mixing, this track builds and builds to construct a thoroughly thrilling and playful tune. It’s hard to listen to this just once.

 “Prince Johnny” — St. Vincent

As it lilts along, this song evokes the colors of February—the pinks, purples, and whites that seem to drift through the air. Annie Clark’s perfectly pure but tough voice and the edgy guitars laced in shape the tone of this song into one that encapsulates the signature formidable beauty of St. Vincent’s music.

“10 Lovers” — The Black Keys

The squeaky synths in the foreground and pure piano in the back are only two elements of the rich production of this song. Its dark drums contribute to its depth and the lovely chord change at the bridge makes it feel complete.

“This Charming Man” — The Smiths

Lively, but with the usual aching provided by The Smiths, this song practically personifies the confusion of having a crush—a feeling already emphasized this time of year.

“I Can’t Stay” — The Killers

Here the Killers give us upbeat Caribbean flavors (complete with steel drum), while maintaining a wondrously delicate song overall. Hints of both euphoria and sorrow in Brandon Flowers’ voice contribute fantastically to the intrigue of this track.

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