Break a leg to our newest a cappella group, Broken Legs

by Tess Dugan-Knight ’18

Names Alexandra Seidel ’18 (Lexie) and Jonathan Bornstein ’18 (Jono)


Lexie: New Canaan, Connecticut

Jono: New Rochelle, New York


Lexie: Undeclared

Jono: I’m undeclared too, but I’m planning on doubling in English with Creative Writing and Sociology.

What inspired you to start an a cappella group? 

Lexie: It was all Jono’s idea!! He had this vision and I wasn’t sure at first but he has absolutely killed it as president so far in terms of execution!

Jono: Thanks Lexie! I’ve always loved singing musical theater and starting this group seemed like the best way to do so regularly with people I love. Kenyon really is a great environment for being bold, and I like to think that a lot of the courage and ambition to start this group came from the community that surrounds me.

Can you explain the group’s name (Broken Legs) for people who haven’t caught on?

Lexie: It’s one of those old theater superstitions. It is bad luck to say “good luck,” and therefore, we say “break a leg” to our theater friends before they perform.

Where are you in the process of creating Broken Legs and what’s your next step?

Jono: Right now we’re starting small and putting together a great piece that will hopefully gain some attention.

Lexie: It’s an incredible arrangement of a song from the musical [Title of Show]. (Author’s note: That’s actually the title of the show, not an editing mistake.) It features each of the four members in a solo!

Jono: After we’ve [gained] attention, we’ll hold auditions and begin work on material for next fall’s opening cabaret.

What’s been most challenging so far about creating an a cappella group?

Jono: The hardest part has been scheduling. All four of us are all deeply involved in a number of different groups and activities on campus and scheduling is one of the hardest things to do. We want to get in good rehearsal time [but not] overwhelm our members.

Lexie: I agree. Finding time for even just four college kids has been incredibly difficult.  I’m hoping scheduling rehearsal will become a skill I’ll learn out of necessity.

What’s your favorite musical theater performance and favorite musical number?

Lexie: Right now, because I can never have an absolute favorite, it is Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean in the incredible Les Misérables. There wasn’t a moment during that performance when I wasn’t in tears. Also, Alan Cumming as Emcee in Cabaret has been some of the most incredible acting I have ever seen. Period.

Jono: That’s a really tough question. I think it depends what mood I’m in.  My favorite performance by an actor is hands-down Alan Cumming as Emcee in Cabaret as Lexie mentioned. Stunning.

Lexie: And favorite musical number? Ugh, so hard! I absolutely love anything by Jason Robert Brown. His songs are so accessible to any audience, either as a performer or an audience member. And of his pieces I absolutely love “Part of That” from The Last Five Years.

Jono: My favorite number right now Is probably “Run Freedom Run” from Urinetown.  It’s a song filled with hope, happiness, crazy dancing, and epic harmony.

What’s a fun fact about you? 

Lexie: My last name in German means “beer flask.”

Jono: Kiwi fruit can kill me.  If I eat it, I’ll go into anaphylactic shock.  What’s always bugged me is the fact that I cannot for the life of me remember what it tastes like.  Maybe I’ll try it on my deathbed.