by Stephanie Holstein ’18

As of March 21, spring is officially here—a day we thought would never come. While that does not necessarily mean we can store our winter coats, it does mean we can replace the music we have listened to during the seasonal dark age with happier, more upbeat songs that sound best when the sun is out and the windows are open. Here are nine songs that I believe sound better now that the snow has melted.

1. “Take it Easy” – The Eagles

This is a classic feel-good song. Within the first few seconds, the guitar riff lifts your spirits and make you nod along. Especially after the cold weather, The Eagles’ laid-back, West Coast vibe warms your soul and reminds you to take it eaaaaasy.

2. “Wakin’ on a Pretty Day” – Kurt Vile

This song has been stuck in my head since spring break. I think its staying power rests in the amazing guitar solos that are woven throughout this nine-minute song, allowing you to get so lost in the music that you’re surprised, and a little sad, when it’s over.

3. “Good Day” Nappy Roots

I don’t know much about rap, but I know that I love this song. Straight outta 2008, this song has everything—orange Kool-Aid, fish fries, reppin’ your hood, and riding dirty—all wrapped up in a nice mantra-like chorus.

4. “Collie Man” – Slightly Stoopid

While all of their songs are perfect for sunny weather, “Collie Man” really shows Slighty Stoopid’s less “stoopid” side. In this song, they remind us that “the road to life
goes up and down” but it’s okay, “just as long as the music goes on.” #slightlywise

5. “European Vegas”  – Mac DeMarco

Off of Rock and Roll Nightclub, this song makes absolutely no sense, but it’s put together so beautifully that you can forget about that and just focus on how good it sounds while you cruise around winding country roads.

6. “Dogheart II” – The Growlers

This song is fast-paced from start to finish, yet it’s great for easy-listening. It’s a beautiful, energetic, yet mellow, hybrid.

7. “Into Your Arms”  The Lemonheads

Ahhh, the Lemonheads/Evan Dando will always hold a special place in my heart. This song in particular is so light and airy, it feels like you’re listening to spring itself.

8. “Don’t I Hold You”  – Wheat

I first heard this song in the movie Elizabethtown. One character says the song “needs air,” and after listening to it countless times over the years, I would have to agree.

9. “English Girls Approximately”  – Ryan Adams

A little simpler than the others, this has always been one of my favorite spring/summer songs. During these seasons, you want to take things slow and remember how good it feels to be in the sun, so once the fall/winter rolls around, we’ll have those memories to keep us warm.

Happy spring and happy listening!

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