Playlist: Late Night Walking

by Maddie Farr ’18

This playlist is for late nights when you’ve been working hard and feeling a lot and you need to be alone and outside. This playlist is angry and rhythmic, soothing and exciting. It’s a purge of feelings, perfect for long meandering walks in the dark.

Step 1: Stay at the library/Science Quad/your designated study spot longer than your friends. Leave only when you can leave alone.

Step 2: Put on this playlist.

Step 3: Don’t go straight back to your dorm/apartment. Explore the deserted campus. Go back only when you are cold/exhausted/the playlist is over.


1. “Watch on Mute” – P.s. Eliot (Sadie)

2. “One More Hour” – Sleater-Kinney (Dig Me Out)

3. “Never Saw The Point” – Cults (Cults)

4. “Tangible Romance” – P.s. Eliot (Introverted Romance in our Troubled Minds)

5. “Oblivion” – Grimes (Visions)

6. “Modern Man” – Arcade Fire (The Suburbs)

7. “All Apologies [Acoustic]” – Nirvana (Icon)

8. “Invisible Man” – The Breeders (Last Splash)

9. “Little Star” – Stina Nordenstam (William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet)

10. “Hollow Bedroom” – Waxahatchee (Cerulean Salt)

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