Breaking Down Bandcamp: Spring Fest Edition

by Lydia Felty ’17

This Saturday, the Horn Gallery is hosting Spring Fest from 1-4 p.m., featuring performances by Pinegrove, B B C America, SPORTS, The Flying Hounds, and spring onion. All of the artists have their albums available under “name your own price,” except The Flying Hounds (but you can still listen to them for free on Bandcamp). Since there are so many of them and I’ve been cracking up at their descriptions of themselves, I thought I’d let them tell you about themselves with just a little commentary by me.


Album to Check Out: & (2013, 4 tracks)
My Favorite Track: “Namesake”

Description, according to Bandcamp: Pinegrove is a fourpiece rock hard at work in the promotion of introspective partying!
Description, according to Facebook: 
More than any other single artist, Pinegrove was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late ’90s.

Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.

a0075453404_10B B C America

Album to Check Out: Diocese (2015, 8 tracks)
My Favorite Track: “No Place”

Genre, according to Facebook: devotional rock
Band Interests, according to Facebook: allergens

Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.



Album to Check Out: Sunchokes (2014, 8 tracks)
My Favorite Track: “When Morning Comes”

Short description, according to Facebook: friends first, band second. I also suggest reading their Facebook bio. It’s incredible.

Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.

a3845119918_10The Flying Hounds

Album to Check Out: Take Off! With the Flying Hounds (2015, 11 tracks, $7)
My Favorite Track: “Steaze Monkey”

Self description, according to their website: The Flying Hounds incorporate elements of psychedelic rock, surf rock, punk, and low-fi garage rock. They have what appears to be a dynamite sound.

Check them out on Bandcamp, Facebook, and their website.


spring onion

Album to Check Out: high school buddies (2015, 4 tracks)
My Favorite Track: “candy crush”

Bandcamp tags: folk, gambier, bathroom, bedroom, room, shoes, washington heights, New York

Check her out on Bandcamp.

With that, you now have everything necessary to become huge fans of these bands so that you can rock out for the three-hour Spring Fest music festival at the Horn. See you there!