DJ Spotlight: Annie Sheslow ’15, Eileen Cartter ’16, and Lydia Felty ’17

by Julia Waldow ’17

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Names: Annie Sheslow ’15, Eileen Cartter ’16, and Lydia Felty ’17

Show: “Boyz II Dads” on Mondays from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Majors: English (Annie and Lydia), English and American Studies (Eileen)

Hometowns: Wilmington, Delaware (Annie), West Hartford, Connecticut (Eileen), New Knoxville, Ohio (Lydia)

How did “Boyz II Dads” start?
EC: We have an origin story.
AS: It was a late Tuesday night.
LF: A late, late Tuesday night.
AS: We were all in the Collegian office, as purveyors of journalistic integrity.
LF: I had been talking about how I went to the WKCO meeting but didn’t know if I really wanted to do anything with it.
AS: It coincided with the fact that we found Niall Horan of One Direction’s playlist.
EC: He made a Spotify playlist of his favorite tracks, but they were all dad bands.
LF: It’s like dad music, and “Steal My Girl.”
AS: And like “Moondance” by Van Morrison and “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits! Like, what’s he trying to do?
EC: And [we were] thinking about guys our age who are really into music that dads like. Shout out to the sad boys of Kenyon that just sit around and listen to Nico all the time. [laughs] There was a play on that in the sense that young guys are desperately sad and listen to sad music.
AS: I think it’s also the Barenaked Ladies joke, like neither of us are dads or boys. So there’s some play on that.
EC: And I love generalizing about men.
LF: This is why we need meninism, Eileen.
EC: Men going their own way.
AS: Calling it another lonely day.

How do you choose the songs for your show?
EC: When we make playlists, we come at it from all these different angles, in the sense of is this a boy band? Is it a dad band? Literally, a playlist by a One Direction member with all dad bands and one One Direction song is the basis of our show. We stopped out of respect for Zayn, but we used to start every show with a One Direction song.
AS: I think we could still occasionally throw them in.
EC: But we’re not as committed to it anymore.
LF: I still maintain that we should end every show with One Direction.
EC: Too symbolic.
LF: First cut is the deepest, guys.
AS: We should play that.
EC: But yeah, so we sort of go from there. We alternate one boy song and one dad song, and some other layered ones. I was talking about it earlier, but you get a guy like Will Smith. When he was younger, he was making very boy[ish], goofy music, and now he’s the ultimate dad. And the Good Charlotte guys — they’re now dads. And Justin Timberlake is now a dad.
LF: And we have the Beatles, who are a boy band, but dads definitely love the Beatles.
EC: And we get suggestions from our parents. Lydia’s dad is one of our most loyal listeners.
AS: We want to hear feedback from dads and boys.

Can you talk about your occasional “Girlz II Moms” show?
AS: This was really special for us, because we realized we had two Monday morning birthdays — Eileen’s 21st and my 22nd.
EC: We rang in our birthdays.
AS: “Girlz II Moms.”
EC: We realized there’s a lot of really good girl pop bands that we really liked. We picked a lot of songs that were big in our girlhood.
AS: Like everybody collectively weeping to “White Houses.” Basically ejecting estrogen when listening to “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” We turned it up and turned the lights off. It does feel like a slumber party down here.

What’s your favorite boy and/or dad song?
LF: Boy: “It’s Gonna Be Me” by *NSYNC. Dad: “The Free Electric Band” by Albert Hammond.
AS: My favorite boy song might be 1D’s “Kiss You”? Maybe that’s cliché, but if you aren’t charmed by the video, you are dead inside. My fav dad song? Well one that I always turn to if I’m stressin’ is Simon & Garfunkel’s “Only Living Boy in New York.”
EC: My favorite dad song is a song that my dad and I both love — “Motorpsycho Nitemare” by Bob Dylan. (Sample lyric: “You unpatriotic, rotten doctor, commie rat.”) That or “America” by Simon & Garfunkel. Boy song? I have no idea. I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I’m also going to say “Kiss You” by One Direction, but also “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. I was always more of a Backstreet Boys girl than an *NSYNC girl. (I think this goes to show that the three of us — the trio behind Boyz II Dads — have very similar tastes.)

What are your thoughts on the current state of One Direction?
LF: I can’t even. Honestly, they should probably just rename the band Two Directions since apparently one wasn’t enough for Zayn, whose real name is apparently spelled Zain. ZAIN.
AS: I am sad that the end of the Zayn era has come, but I am interested to see how their haircuts progress and their pants constrict (though I am not positive it is possible for their those jeans to get any tighter). The songs will always be enjoyable pop nuggets, but I am worried as to who will hit those high notes. I have already sent in my application.
EC: Thinking about One Direction right now makes my heart ache. I think I’ll always think of them in the past tense. I love the other boys (in order of love: Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis, I guess), but I was in it for Zayn.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I [just wrote] a paper on the Bermuda Triangle.
AS: Today [last Monday] I sat on my own chewed gum because I did not spit it out in a large enough piece of paper, and then I lost the gum and paper parcel. I looked on the floor for said gum and looseleaf combo, but couldn’t find it because it had actually fallen from my desk to my chair and adhered itself to my right butt cheek.
EC: Spencer Pratt once favorited one of my tweets.

Listen in to the LAST “Boyz II Dads” show TONIGHT at midnight on WKCO!

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