Playlist: Hungover/Sad Blues

by Maddie Farr ’18

Did you go a little too hard at Sendoff? Do something embarrassing that will haunt you for the rest of your life/maybe a week max? This playlist is here to commiserate with you. So, cocoon yourself in your blankets, get some water, and don’t leave your bed until 4 pm.

“too dark” – frankie cosmos (affirms glinting)

Frankie Cosmos ~understands~ your blues.

“I Can Never Go Home Anymore” – The Shangri-Las (Leader of the Pack)

Angsty 60s girl groups always put things in perspective.

“American Weekend” – Waxahatchee (American Weekend)

A song about bad choices and sleeping in.

“Buses Splash With Rain” – frankie cosmos (Zentropy)

Frankie Cosmos can help you lie to your parents.

“Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry?” – Defiance, Ohio (Share What Ya Got)

You know who’s really causing this hangover? THE MAN.

“around and around” – ingrid superstar/frankie cosmos (songs about HIM)

Frankie Cosmos has been understanding your blues since 2009.

“Rose, 1956” – Waxahatchee (American Weekend)

Probably the most beautiful song ever written.

“Everything Is Embarrassing” – Sky Ferreira (Ghost EP)

A bit of an overreaction, but still.

“Swingin Party” – Lorde (The Love Club EP)

Originally by The Replacements, Lorde’s cover steps up the angst.

“Song of a Drunken Nightingale” – Bill Fox (Transit Byzantium)

This song’s title says it all.