Playlist: Peirce Jams

By Maggie Dalrymple ’18 and Linnea Feldman Emison ’18

Peirce: a place we all know and we all love. It can be an emotional rollercoaster… good days, bad days, and deconstructed sushi days. As a meeting place of the social, academic, and the culinary, it is often over-stimulating. Lucky for you, we’ve got a song for every emotion and situation it can throw at you.

1. Fairly Local – Twenty One Pilots

Thanks to our local foods initiative, Peirce now serves a wide range of foods grown in the area. This tune can be played while scoopin’ for the best apple sourced from a fairly local orchard.

2. Looking Like You Just Woke Up – The Front Bottoms

Breakfast can be hard. I, myself, have made it a stunning four times. You may not always look your best, but you can feel your best while jamming out.

3. Free Coffee – Ben Folds

Peirce coffee. It’s free.

4. Hunger and Thirst – Typhoon

We all have needs, and we all know where to go.

5. Save Me From What I Want – St. Vincent

We’ve all been there.  You walk into the servery, get overwhelmed by choices, get everything, put pizza on top of it, and call it a salad.

6. Who’ll Be the Next in Line – The Kinks

This classic song accompanies all our thoughts when we feel our lives slipping away in the Fusion line.

7. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off – The Magnetic Fields

It’s how we feel, and it’s what we’re eating.

8. The Devil and a California Burrito Are Raging Inside Me – Sledding With Tigers

A classic dilemma.

9. Return To Hot Chicken – Yo La Tengo

Or warm tofu, depending on your dietary restrictions.

10. I Hate to Eat Alone – 10cc

We’ve all been there. Listening to this this song with large headphones will show everyone you’re a mysterious soul with no need for human interaction.

11. Let’s Go Sit On the Lawn – Lightnin’ Hopkins

Just another beautiful day in Ohio.

12. Poor Man’s Ice Cream – Tilly And The Wall

Did you know Tilly And The Wall has a tap dancer instead of a drummer? That’s fun. Also, soft serve isn’t real ice cream.

13. Birthday Cake – Rihanna

It’s not my birthday either, Rihanna, but it’s always a party in Peirce.

14. Burning Down the House – Talking Heads

Does anyone remember the Peirce fire? RIP?