Songs That Sound Like They’d be in a Wes Anderson Film but Aren’t

by H. Klubeck ’19

You don’t need to have seen a single Wes Anderson movie to agree that these songs could have easily been in one.

You’ve got your obscure jazz, some songs in some other languages, at least one sitar ballad, and your soft voiced alternative. Put them together, throw in some yellow block letters and Bill Murray, and there you have a handcrafted Wes Anderson film.

So sit back, put on your smoking slippers, and listen to our soundtrack for Wes’s new movie about a twelve-year-old librarian in the 60’s who solely wears well-tailored, seersucker suits.

  1. Mi Negrita by Devandra Banhart
  2. Sanity or Not by Juan Wauters
  3. Lonesome Moonlight Waltz by Noam Pikelny
  4. Sonata for Cello Duo in G Major – 3. Alegro Prestissimo by Ling-Yi Ou Yang
  5. Going Up in the Country by Canned Heat
  6. Te Souviens – Tu? by Jane Birkin
  7. Ragam Mohana by The Sitars of Bombay
  8. No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross by Sufjan Stevens
  9. Time Flies By by Vetiver
  10. Goon Gumpas by Aphex Twin
  11. Tezeta by Mulatu Astatke
  12. Nothing Left by Mmoss

To listen in full click here