Playlist: Word Word Word

By Linnea Feldman Emison ’18 and Maggie Dalrymple ’18

What do ABBA, The Velvet Underground, and Destiny’s Child have in common? Their love of repetition. If you love it too, strap in for a musical journey across time and genre featuring songs whose titles are just one word repeated three times.

1. Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys

2. Boys Boys Boys – Lady Gaga

3. Girls! Girls! Girls! – Liz Phair

4. Hot Hot Hot – The Cure

5. Love Love Love – The Mountain Goats

6. Money Money Money – ABBA

7. Bills Bills Bills – Destiny’s Child

8. Cry, Cry, Cry – Johnny Cash

9. Please Please Please – James Brown

10. Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC

11. Fight! Fight! Fight! – Watsky

12. Run Run Run – The Velvet Underground

13. Die Die Die – The Avett Brothers