DJ Spotlight: Taylor Cornelius ’16

By Teddy Farkas ’16


Name: Taylor Cornelius ’16

Show: “Greta Life” on Thursdays 9-10pm EST

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, Poetry

Who is Greta, what is her lifestyle, and why should we be living it?

Greta is my German Shepard. Her lifestyle is, I would say simple but full of joy and that’s why we should be living it, because, you know, being a dog is kind of awesome. I think she has a good life.

You have a music show; what is your taste and where did it originate from?

My taste is, I’d say, mostly folk with, I don’t know, I like everything. Sometimes I do jazz shows, sometimes I do classical, sometimes I do more “indie rock,” or whatever you want to call that genre. But I’d say my main, fave, taste is folk and I probably got into that because my dad is a musician and plays guitar, and I grew up playing music in school and stuff.

What was it like growing up in Denver? Do you have any favorite music venues there?

It was really great! Denver’s a really cool city because there’s lots of cultural stuff going on but also the mountains are very close. I started playing piano when I was little and also violin and guitar so I’ve always played a lot of music. My favorite venue would probably be The Bluebird or The Fillmore, which are both near downtown and they both bring a lot of interesting bands.

Is there anything about the spaces that are particularly interesting to you?

The Bluebird is really cool because it’s funky and vintage and definitely feels like an old theater that was converted into a musical space.

What are some of your favorite shows you’ve ever been to?

The most life-changing show I went to was when I saw Chris Thile, like two years ago. He went to Columbus when I saw him and it was just a solo performance but it was incredible. He was performing Bach on the Mandolin […] but he also played folk music and bluegrass and things that he’d written and it was unbelievable; I’ve never seen someone with that much musicianship but also stage presence, it was really cool. When I saw Beirut play live it was also pretty life-changing because they’re my favorite band and I was freaking out cause I was in high school and it was just amazing.

What artist has had the most influence in your life?

Well, I’d probably have to say that, like most kids of our generation, my dad played The Beatles a lot when I was little, and Bob Dylan. So when I was younger I listened to a lot of that and I think that really shaped who I listen to now. Currently, probably Anais Mitchell has been the artist who has influenced me the most in terms of the music I like to play on my guitar or what I like to listen to because I think she writes really intriguing and intellectual songs that are also really emotional.

For those thinking about joining the radio, what drew you to WKCO and specifically what are you doing at the station now?

What drew me to WKCO was [that] I was really obsessed with This American Life in high school and I really wanted to do programming like that and while currently my show isn’t like that I’ve had opportunities to do radio plays and live storytelling events and band sessions and it’s been a really cool experience and I think that leads as to why people should join [the radio]. There’s a lot of opportunities and there’s a lot of passionate people who are willing to help you get ideas off the ground and I really like the medium of radio as an artistic outlet.

You can let all your friends know that you’re living the Greta life by liking Taylor’s show page on Facebook and you can catch her show on Thursdays from 9-10pm EST by going onto Also be sure to follow WKCO on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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