Sicko Mobb is Sick

By Juno Fullerton ’19

 IMG_0898It was a chilly night (finally) on Saturday, Sept. 19, when students gathered around the entrance of the Kenyon’s performance space, The Horn Gallery, to see Sicko Mobb, an up-and-coming rap duo hailing from Chicago. The group gained virtually instant fame when they released their first song ever, “Fiesta,” which was eventually remixed, featuring well-known artist A$AP Ferg. Soon after their initial success with “Fiesta,” Sicko Mobb dropped their first album in late 2013, Super Saiyan Vol. 1, after signing with Stellar Songs/Water Music Publishing.

The cool thing about Sicko Mobb is that it really isn’t just about rapping, but about how you feel listening to their music. In their older songs, like “Lamborghini Girl” and “TRANSFORMER,” they create a unique sound for themselves with a combination of synthesized, and instrumental beats that intermingle with their lyrics in way that makes you want to dance. The group has also done well in staying relevant within the rap scene. After receiving criticism from their first mixtape release–as claims were made that their lyrics were inaudible and mumbled–the group came back with Super Saiyan Vol. 2 in early 2015 with a much clearer sound, rising above past criticisms while keeping their cool aesthetic and vibe.

The excitement around Sicko Mobb on Saturday was for lack of better words, RIDICULOUSLY GREAT. As soon as the announcement was made that the Mobb was about to begin, everyone who had been waiting outside rushed through the Horn’s double doors in an excited rage. Inside the space there was a crazy electricity, with everyone yelling and trying to get as close to the stage as possible. As soon as the music started, the crowd was definitely boppin’ to the music, and keeping pace with the performers. After the show, the Mobb was humble and friendly, taking pictures with fans and even attending a few after-parties at various upperclassmen homes. 

When I got the chance to ask them the biggest message they want to send to their fans, they replied: “To turn up!!!!!” Which I can honestly say, we certainly did.