Songs For Quality Time With Your Nintendo DS

By Hannah Klubeck ’19

An unfortunate three weeks ago, as my parents were sending me off, I sat in seat 14E trying to address a bewildering feeling of emptiness. What was missing? What could I possibly have left behind? A single tear rolled down my cheek, as I realized what I had forgotten was nothing less than my dear Nintendo DSi™.

If you snapped your Nintendo DSi™ in half after Koopa Troopa let you down EVEN WITH Bullet Bill…or if mom MADE you hand it down to cousin Kev (who doesn’t even deserve it)…we can commemorate insufficient battery life and the endorphin rush of hitting twenty consecutive coins together. OR–maybe you were smarter than I. Maybe you brought your Game Boy Micro™ with you. For you–you lucky soul–curl up, put in some headphones, and tune in to the soundtrack of Mario’s life.

All of these songs in some way incorporate the audio in video games that we love so dearly. Some are more subtle than others, but listen closely for those “power-ups” and “menu page” soundtracks. Be sure to push through so you can hear the perfectly off-beat Chief Keef x Wii remix you’ve been searching for, as well as Flylo and Snoop bringing back Tetris.

  1. Cha Cha by D.R.A.M
  2. Shlava by Groundislava
  3. Be With You by Giraffage
  4. Did the Beat Go Off? (Chief Keef’s “Earned It” x Wii’s Mii Channel Mash-Up) by BRENTMFRAMBO
  5. Tell Me by Giraffage
  6. The Way U Do by Shlohmo
  7. Lords by Nosaj Thing
  8. Oblivion by Grimes
  9. So Sick Stories by RATKING
  10. Ritual Union by Little Dragon
  11. Dead Man’s Tetris by Flying Lotus
  12. Chocolate by Giraffage

To listen to almost the full playlist, click here.